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Saving time and money for your business is a great opportunity in maximizing your company’s growth and profitability and one of the best ways to achieve this task is by implementing EDI technology in the exchange of your business documents.

More and more companies are using EDI to handle their business documents processes due to its reliability and cost effectiveness.

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EDI Associates Services

What is EDI?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the standard used to exchange business documents and information electronically, from one computer to another. It is commonly used by businesses to communicate and send business documents, such as…

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How EDI Work

How EDI Works

The popularity of the Electronic Data Interchange or EDI has been continuously increasing in the business industry by leaps and bounds and it is widely used by modern companies because of its capability to enhance the productivity and and efficiency of the business process…

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EDI Associates Services

How to implement EDI

It’s not surprising if you’ve been asked to implement EDI since it is reported that the amount of global EDI transactions are growing substantially and now sits at about 20 billion per year.

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EDI Outsourcing

EDI Associates Outsourcing Service is a comprehensive EDI outsourcing package that offers customers the advantages of having a third party EDI department to handle their in-house EDI system from a remote terminal and assumes…

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EDI Van-On-Demand

EDI Associates Van-On-Demand service provides customer with a new and practical way of processing their business documents using EDI technology without the hassles and pressures of fixed monthly payments, contracts and…

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