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The Company: EDI Associates, LLC

EDI Associates

EDI Associates is a Limited Liability Company founded in Portland, Oregon in January of 2000. The company originated as an EDI consulting firm that specializes in the installation and maintenance of Sterling Commerce’s Gentran product line. But due to the increasing demand by clients for a different type of EDI service provider. Using cutting edge cloud technology the company evolved into one of the most affordable providers on the market.

Since then, EDI Associates unceasingly delivers customers with first-class services and support with unmatched prices. The company is committed in supplying safe, secure and on-time document delivery for its clientele, making sure that all transactions have constant monitoring and backup, comprehensive transaction reporting, tracking, error reporting and notification that are personalized to each customer’s requirements and specification.

EDI Associates is located at 10641 E Lomita Cir, Mesa, Arizona 85209.

EDI Associates Mission Statement and Values


EDI Associates mission is to provide customers with the best value for the money, for EDI services that are available whenever and wherever they are needed.


  • Accuracy
  • Safety and Dependability
  • Availability
  • Customer support excellence
  • Best Value for Money Services
  • Loyalty and Trust