EDI Integration Services

Written by: Mindy Affrime on April 26, 2014

The EDI experts at EDIAssociates provide EDI messaging systems that work efficiently and most importantly cost effectively for every type and size of business. Exchanging files and data with your trading partners is just 1/2 of the EDI integration story. EDI Integration means that your EDI data is being integrated directly into your accounting, ERP, warehousing and other back-end applications, and automatically extracting data which gives you real benefits. Real integration allows for the elimination of manual entry, improved accuracy, streamlined transactions, increased productivity, reduce costs, and more.

Every company needs a unified and powerful force working to ensure your data, IT infrastructure and applications communicate and work together efficiently and accurately.
The experts at EDIAssociates perfectly integrate your EDI transaction data with virtually any accounting system or backend business, including applications that are homegrown.

By choosing our Outsourced EDI integration, the experts at EDIAssociates provide 100% maintenance and overseeing of all your EDI integration. This allows for more freedom, expertise when you need it and a guaranteed hassle free integrated system.

EDI Integration

We will prepare all the necessary mapping. We provide the tools that you need to streamline your supply chain and simplify your business processes.

We also ensure that-

  • There are implementation guides for each trading partner
  • All software is provided
  • Your EDI data is leveraged with 100% browser-based, multi-user reporting.
  • 100% of your EDI is automated which eliminates manual maintenance hassles
  • Custom EDI reports are created in a 100% drag-and-drop environment.

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AT EDIASSOCIATES, we work with you to develop an integration plan and approach that makes sense for you and your company. From the largest enterprises to the smallest shops, we will build a custom designed EDI integration system that fits your budget and needs. Most importantly since our EDI integrated solutions include the highest level of integration support and 100% management, your EDI workflow will work seamlessly, without requiring your constant input or involvement. That’s full service and that is what separates EDIAssociates from the rest. Contact us now and let’s get started!

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