EDI Outsourcing Services: Retail

Written by: Mindy Affrime on April 24, 2014

For more than 30 years, the retail sector has been at the forefront of EDI messaging. It has successfully replaced many paper-based processes with electronic documents. Retail business managers from all sizes of companies agree that EDI is pivotal in creating a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Fully Outsourced EDI Capability

The elimination or reduction of manual processes is the major benefit of EDI outsourcing for retail. For example- the creation of orders, which can take 24 hours manually, is reduced exponentially. Now it can take minutes or less with EDI. By virtually ending the manual data entry, EDI allows costly resources (your employees) to dedicate their time to other critical functions. This increases productivity and reduces your company’s costs.

With EDI Outsourcing Services for retail, businesses are saying that the financial process of transactions are lessened by more than 90% in some cases. Paper checks costing $4.00 now cost 40 cents when processed electronically.

In addition to these hard-line savings caused directly by eliminating manual processes, EDI has other benefits as well. EDI has the potential to increase the accuracy of invoices, orders, and shipping notices by more than 20 percent. When a retailer is fully leveraging EDI Outsourcing Services, they can see a direct improvement of 1 to 3 percent in profits.

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EDIAssociates Retail Solutions offers a painless and easy way for retail businesses of all sizes to quickly establish EDI capabilities without a large capital investment. We understand that you’re trying to run a lean retail business and keep costs down and that your business requires the ability to process transactions between customers, warehouses and business partners. Only a fully integrated EDI Outsourcing Service for your retail business is capable of delivering financial savings while streamlining transaction efficiency

Let the experts at EDIAssociates analyze your retail needs and suggest the perfect EDI outsourcing Service Solution for your retail business. We are here to save you time and money and assist in your company’s growth.

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