How to implement EDI

Written by: Mindy Affrime on April 26, 2014

It’s not surprising if you’ve been asked to implement EDI since it is reported that the amount of global EDI transactions are growing substantially and now sits at about 20 billion per year.

For over 20 years the experts at EDIAssociates have been implementing EDI solutions for businesses large and small with complete cost effective EDI messaging systems. From enterprises with over 30 million dollars of transactions per day to small companies with only one trading partner, we deliver expertise with cost efficiency. What set us apart from other EDI companies is our dedication to cost consciousness and affordability, which is why all of our solutions are 100% cloud based. Being cloud based allows us to build a secure and reliable system for any size business. Another major difference is ALL of our employees are seasoned EDI professionals and that translates to your support issues being resolved with just one phone call

How EDI Works

We offer 2 simple and cost effective ways to implement your EDI needs.

1. EDI VAN Service

Van -on -Demand is perfect for those who want simplicity with no contracts or monthly minimums. It is the least expensive trade network in the industry.

We can set you up in about 30 seconds or less with no contract. And if you setup your trade network with us all transactions with your trade network partners is only $.01 each. The experts at EDIAssociates are finding a growing number of companies and retailers are using this service as a cost effective and practical alternative to more pricy trade networks. VAN is the perfect solution for companies that require risk-free EDI service and no bills until the service is actually used. Plus, we promise your business partners will appreciate rates as low as $0.01 per document.

2. Outsourced EDI Services

Our outsourced EDI services is a comprehensive EDI outsourcing package that offers our customers the advantages of having a third party skilled EDI department to handle their in-house EDI system. We can implement the system on your server where we manage all your operations remotely or we can utilize our own server which is safe and secure. Either way, we assume responsibility for all EDI data sent and received to and from participating trading partners. All you need is internet access and email. We take care of everything – all of the software, VAN transmission, hardware, communications, mapping, labor and EDI expertise. In addition, our EDI outsourcing services will take charge of communicating with new and existing trading partners, gathering EDI specifications, setting up workflows and testing data transmission capability from one end to another.

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The experts at EDI Associates have kept the costs down and will work within your budget for whichever EDI system you utilize. You are guaranteed that your your electronic message system will be hassle free, all at a reasonable price, keeping most importantly your trading partners and customers will be happy with your professional and reliable service. Contact us now and let us save you money!

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