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EDI Outsourcing Services

EDI Outsourcing servicesIn today’s fast paced world, the ability to send business documents using EDI systems is vital to a company’s growth and productivity. Unfortunately, maintaining and managing EDI systems is a complex task and requires a vast amount of experience and dedication to effectively run a smooth EDI operation. The cost of training personnel to build an EDI department is expensive and the best way to automate business documents and streamline cost is through acquiring the services of an EDI outsourcing services firm to handle the operation and maintenance of the EDI system.

However, not all EDI outsourcing companies can provide you and your business with the proper amount of commitment and service needed to successfully implement your EDI systems. Luckily, EDI Associates has created a completely managed EDI solution that takes care of everything, including software, staffing, security, trading partner relationships, and more.

What is EDI Outsourcing Service?

EDI Outsourcing Service is a comprehensive EDI outsourcing package that offers customers the advantages of having a third party EDI department to handle their in-house EDI system from a remote terminal and assumes responsibility for all EDI data sent and received to and from participating trading partners.

This EDI outsourcing service from EDI Associates will be responsible in performing daily monitoring of EDI system and transactions, resolving any processing errors and ensuring data security and accuracy. In addition, the EDI outsourcing service will take charge of communicating with new and existing trading partners, gathering EDI specifications, setting up workflows and testing data transmission capability from one end to another.

Benefits of EDI Outsourcing

EDI Mapping and Integration

EDI Associates has the skill, experience and knowledge to handle all of the mapping and integration to and from the back end accounting/ERP systems and other custom applications.

The EDI outsourcing services by EDI associates will use the best integration method that fits a customer’s environment and business application, for the purpose of maximizing the EDI system’s efficiency and productivity.

EDI Management and Monitoring

EDI Associates can assume the daily EDI operations of clients, as well as working with existing customer staff and employees in managing and monitoring their EDI system. The EDI outsourcing services will monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic through the EDI system to ensure 100% successful completion of all transactions and processes.

The EDI Associates Outsourcing Service will review the system logs for any errors that will be detected to determine the source and nature of the error, in order to take the best possible action to resolve the issue. Monitoring will be done real time during the customer’s normal business hours. Unattended processing can be scheduled during off hours, if needed and any errors that may occur during these times will be handled on the next business day. However, the customer can request for a 24/7 monitoring and customer support.

Furthermore, with this EDI outsourcing service, EDI Associates can serve as the single point of contact for all dealings with trading partners, software publishers, Value Added Networks or any other third parties involved in a customer’s EDI program.

EDI Software Upgrades and New Setups

EDI Associates will be responsible in scheduling, installing, testing and putting all new EDI software updates and releases into production. Additionally, EDI associates will test the EDI system workflow for any accounting / ERP software upgrades implemented by customers to ensure a continuous normal EDI operation.

The EDI outsourcing service from EDI Associates will be responsible for developing and testing new document maps for new and existing trading partners and all new operating documents and trading partners will automatically be included in the daily monitoring routine.

The Best EDI Outsourcing Service

The EDI Associates Outsourcing Service will provide your company with the most cost-effective way of managing and running your EDI systems. Outsourcing your EDI system operations with EDI Associates is the best solution to all your EDI related needs and problems.

EDI Associates currently has experienced staff members to support the following EDI products: Sterling Commerce (Gentran Director, Gentran Server for Windows, GIS/Sterling Integrator), Tie Commerce (eVision).