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EDI VAN Service

EDI VAN Services

Implementing and complying with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards can be difficult, especially for those upstart to smaller businesses that need a more affordable, less stressful and contract free way of managing their EDI transactions. Fortunately, EDI Associates understands this and offers a great solution to the problem through EDI Associates Van-On-Demand service.

What is EDI VAN?

Van stands for Value-added-network. The concept behind the VAN is for software to work as an intermediary for business-to-business relations based on software standards or proprietary data via one connection method.

EDI VAN Services provide customers with a new and practical way of processing their business documents using EDI technology without the hassles and pressures of fixed monthly payments, contracts and minimum usages. This new EDI service adapts a Pay-as-You-Use policy that allows clients to send and receive EDI transactions securely and reliably for just a few pennies per document.

EDI Associates Van-On-Demand service is the most affordable way of using EDI systems. It is cheaper than paper copies and all other EDI services offered by competitors in the market today. In addition, signing up for an EDI VAN service is free and requires no commitment on your part. This risk-free feature affords you and your company, the freedom from bills until you actually utilize the service.

The Van-On-Demand service by EDI Associates is available instantly and because it is risk free, a growing number of companies and retailers are currently utilizing this service as a cost effective alternative to more pricey trade networks, so that they and their business partners can take advantage of rates as low as $0.01 per document between members.

EDI VAN Services

Clients love the concept of using EDI VAN services without a contract, which is a first and a revolutionary feature in the industry. They sign up for the service, commitment free and they never get a bill until they actually use the service, eliminating the pressure of adding an overhead expense that is not cost-efficient. It gives customers the advantage of acquiring a clean, simple interface-uncluttered by the additional bundled features that typically go unused by most customers.

EDI VAN Services provide companies that have simpler needs to have access to the features and benefits of using EDI systems, allowing them to enjoy a no-frills VAN storage and forwarding service that works without minimum usage fees. With EDI Associates Van-On-Demand service, you only pay what you actually use.

EDI Associates Van-On-Demand service currently supports all X12 and EDIFACT documents over AS2 or an FTP connection.