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EDI Associates

Saving time and money for your business is a great opportunity in maximizing your company’s growth and profitability and one of the best ways to achieve this task is by implementing EDI technology in the exchange of your business documents.


More and more companies are using EDI to handle their business documents processes due to its reliability and cost effectiveness. EDI reduces the overhead cost of sending business documents to customers and suppliers by automating manual procedures like generating purchase orders, invoice data entry and sales orders.


The Need for EDI Technology


If you consider the cost of the hundreds and even thousands of pages of documents that your business produces every day, plus the time and manpower it takes to create it, then you are looking at one huge overhead expense that confines your company’s growth and potential.


Unfortunately, these documents and tasks are required to operate your business. Exchanging business documents with your customers, vendors and suppliers are essential and are needed for efficiency and record keeping purposes. Luckily, implementing EDI technology for your business can dramatically lower the cost of these activities and reduce the administrative burden of your employees and business partners.


EDI technology automates business to business (B2B) processes, improving accuracy and speed of handling and processing business document exchange, saving you and your business partners, time and money that can be used for other desirable tasks.


The use of EDI technology will lower the overhead cost of your products and services, giving you the much needed competitive edge that is essential to achieve success in any industry.


Why EDI Associates?


Although, implementing EDI technology offers tremendous benefits to your company, managing EDI systems, such as B2B integration, IT support and technology maintenance is a major undertaking. It will be more convenient for you and your company to leave it to the experts.


EDI Associates has the needed experience and expertise to provide you with the latest technology, training and support in implementing and improving your system. Our company offers a complete range of Electronic Data Interchange services, which includes Consultancy, Managed solution Van-On-Demand services.


EDI Associates is the best choice for implementing your Electronic Data Interchange systems. Let our dedication and experience work for you. With EDI associates, we help you achieve success, every step of the way.